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Polyguard Commercial Stretch

Polyguard Commercial Stretch

Theromplastic Technology is behind the success of our signature waterproofing, Commercial Stretch. This patented single component, cold liquid-applied, elastomeric, coating cures to form a durable waterproofing membrane capable of bridging substrate shrinkage cracks up to 1/16-inch. Commercial Stretch is designed for below grade exterior waterproofing of concrete, precast concrete, CMU foundations and other structural surfaces on the hydro-positive side. Where redundant protection is desired, a hydro positive-side application coupled with a hydro negative-side application of PRO 1000 is suggested.

For designers wanting maximum protection, Proban® mold inhibitor can be added at the factory for additional mold-inhibiting properties to the waterproofing system. For Contractors / Installers our product can be used in the coldest of climates and conditions allowing design flexibility and cost savings of not having to tent the project. In addition with quick and easy prep, easy spray application and easy clean up you save hours and dollars.



  • Single component product requires no mixing ensuring uniformity and quality while reducing waste and labor
  • Can be applied in temperatures as cold as -20 degrees F, which can help avoid tenting and heating in cold climates
  • Unrivaled UV protection aids in timeline flexibility
  • Quick prep, easy to spray application, & easy to clean up... lowers square foot costs and saves hours.
  • Wet product can be applied to dry product for membrane repair, creating a continuous system with no seam or possible breach created
  • Contains thermoplastic technology to create a mold resistant barrier that micro-organisms cannot penetrate
  • The average daily SF installation is 6,000 to 8,000 SF eliminating down time between trades
  • Available in Low VOC options

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