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Polyguard Airlok Flex WG

Polyguard Airlok Flex WG

 Air Barrier Systems provide the only effective defense against air leakage and moisture intrusion. Airlok Flex® WG (Weather Guard) is a water-based, permeable, above-grade air, weather and vapor coating for application over poured concrete, concrete masonry (CMU) and the following types of sheathing: paper-face, glass-face, foil-face, rigid insulation, plywood and oriented strand board (OSB).  Airlok Flex® WG contains a non-combustible, water-based blend of high performance elastomeric acrylic polymers and selected filters with a VOC content of 42 g/l. Polyguard sets the bar high for long term UV resistance with Airlok Flex® WG being UV resistant for up to two years.

Polyguard offers the barrier systems professionals trust for superior performance, unmatched protection and ease of use.  So when your project calls for a above grade fluid applied, permeable Air Barrier reach for Airlokflex WG.



  • Forms a durable protection with up to 100 PSI adhesive pull-off strength
  • Blocks inward moving water from penetrating through the coating to the substrate, and reduces energy loss
  • Low cost per square foot
  • Market leading UV resistance of up to two years
  • Easy to prep, easy to spray or roll and easy to clean up, saving hours and dollars
  • Proban® mold inhibitor can be added at the factory to provide additional contact mold-inhibiting properties to the air barrier system

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