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Polyguard AirLok Flex

Polyguard AirLok Flex

Thermoplastic Technology is behind the success of our signature Air Barrier, Airlok Flex®. This patented single component, cold liquid-applied, elastomeric, coating cures to form a durable Air Barrier membrane capable of standing up to the toughest of job site conditions. Airlok Flex® is designed for above grade exterior Air Barrier applications. Airlok Flex® is engineered to prevent the infiltration and exfiltration of moisture and air penetration, while protecting concrete, masonry and gypsum sheeting surfaces. This product is also available in Low VOC options should that be required on the project. Our products are listed by the Air Barrier Association of America (ABAA) and have met or exceeded the requirements of the NFPA 285 Test Protocols with and without Plastic Foam Insulation. 

For designers wanting maximum protection, Proban® mold inhibitor can be added at the factory for additional mold-inhibiting properties to the Air Barrier system. For Contractors / Installers our product can be used in the coldest of climates and conditions allowing design flexibility and cost savings of not having to tent the project. In addition with quick and easy prep, easy spray application and easy clean up you save hours and dollars.



  • Patented Thermoplastic Technology Reduces Application Costs & Exceeds Industry Standards
  • Transitional Membranes and Treatments can adhere to it eliminating touchup
  • Single component product eliminates mixing & inconsistent performance
  • Speedy Installation...up to 10,000 sq. ft. a day.
  • Superior UV resistance allows for use on both unexposed and exposed portions of walls
  • Can be Applied in Broad Temperature ranges of -20° F up to 120° F providing Scheduling Flexibility
  • In cold climates can be used without expensive tenting
  • Superior adhesion to stay in place and dry to an elastomeric film. (Adhesion to Concrete exceeds 175 lbs / sq inch)
  • The Anti Microbial properties of Proban® mold inhibitor can be added at the factory to provide additional contact mold-inhibiting properties to the air barrier system
  • Available in Low VOC options


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