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Touch 'n Seal 15 FR

Touch 'n Seal 15 FR

  • Density: 1.75 pcf
  •  R-Value per inch (Aged)** ASTM C518: 5.5
  •  Dry/ Tack-Free:  45 seconds
  •  Cuttable: 5 minutes
  •  Cure Time: Approx. 1 hour
  •  Closed Cell: Yes
  •  Surface Burning Characteristics ASTM E84
  •  Flame Spread / Smoke Developed@ 2" thick(51mm):25 / 50
  •  Shelf Life (unopened container) 15 months
  • Comes with 5' hose.

Click Here For Setup and Application Video


ALWAYS review and follow the directions provided in your foam kit. The below instructions are a general overview, meant to accompany the reference photos. ENSURE you follow all safety precautions including wearing protective eyewear and gloves.

Foam Kit 15 Assembly Instructions: (Click pictures to enlarge)

  • Tear open the back of the box (Figure 1)

  • Without forcing, remove hoses and applicator to full length (Figure 2)

  • Ensure gun safety is ON (roller is locked toward end of applicator)

  • Pull yellow tab to remove black plastic valve lock. Discard. (Figure 3)

  • Activate valves by pulling black strap up and insert strap into slit (marked in yellow) on back of box. Hoses will partially fill with chemicals.

  • Hold unit UPSIDE DOWN, move roller to “ON” position (towards hoses) and dispense foam. Adjust roller to increase/decrease flow.

  • If dispensing is stopped for more than 30 seconds, replace nozzle with the extra provided.

  • Foam can be trimmed, painted, sanded or plastered after curing completely.


2 component foam kit use guideines
Figure 1

2 component foam kit use guideines
Figure 2

2 component foam kit use guideines
Figure 3