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SWD Quick Shield 118

SWD Quick Shield 118

 Quik-Shield 118

Ultra-Efficient Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation

Quik-Shield 118 is the only Ultra-Efficient closed-cell foam on the market. Quik-Shield 118 has been engineered for high performance, and it helps contractors achieve the lowest material, labor, and overhead costs.

Contractors look to Quik-Shield 118 when they…

  • Struggle to win bids because they have a high cost per board foot
  • Are tired of not making enough money on the bids they do win
  • Are tired of closed-cell foams that limit them to spraying only 2” at a time
  • Learn that their current spray foam product is inefficient and requires twice as long to install than efficient products on the market
  • See that it could be sprayed from up to 20’ away, with the potential to eliminate ladders and scaffolding
  • They are frustrated with finicky foams that have a narrow application range
  • They are sick of adjusting equipment settings all day because of changing jobsite conditions

Quik-Shield 118 provides greater yield, efficiency, safety, and quality on your jobsite. It is different from any other product on the market because it:

  • Delivers the greatest yields of any closed-cell wall foam—5,500 board feet or more
  • Can be sprayed in up to 8” in a single pass, eliminating the need for multiple passes and increasing your efficiency by up to 50%
  • Reduces charring, smoking, or ignition because of its low exothermic reaction
  • Can be sprayed up to 20’ away, virtually eliminating the use of ladders and scaffolding for a safer, more efficient jobsite
  • Is of superior quality, which means it makes good foam even in less-than-ideal conditions
  • Has the lowest installed cost of any closed-cell wall foam because it reduces material, labor, and overhead costs. This lets you price more competitively and win more bids.