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Suburban Manufacturing Sidewinder Hose Wrap

Suburban Manufacturing Sidewinder Hose Wrap

SPF Hose Protection

Suburban Manufacturing Sidewinder Hose wrap protects your investment and can increase productivity, especially during the cold winter months where the Insulated Sidewinder Wrap and reduce hose heat issues.  This water resistant sleeve is attached with hook and loop closure, but also includes an internal strap to increase durability and retention.  Available in both insulated and uninsulated models, this sleeve provides optimal protection for your hose and easy access when required.

  • 50' Insulated Sidewinder Wrap
  • Insulated Coupler Guard
  • Insulated Sidewinder Whip Wrap
  • 50' Uninsulated Sidewinder Wrap
  • Uninsulated Coupler Guard
  • Uninsulated Sidewinder Whip Wrap

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