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Krendl 475

Krendl 475

The compact Krendl #475 all-fiber (airlock) unit is an economical machine for the small professional contractor or do-it-yourself/ rental market. Designed for low maintenance and high production, the #475 provides a large easy loading hopper while offering simple rugged performance.

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*lbs/hr (kg/hr) rating with 150ft. (45.8m.) of 3 " (7.6cm.) hose at 16ft. (4.8m.) elevation Product density and variable blowing conditions will affect production rate.

Material lbs/hr - kg/hr
FIBERGLASS 700 / 317
CELLULOSE 2100 / 952


  • Low power requirements (Dual 15Amp 120V)
  • Light weight machine
  • Large 14 Amp/2-stage blower
  • High output / easy maintenance airlock
  • Material loading made easy with built in convertible tray
  • Economical machine for the small contractor


  • Modular component design for quick disassembly/reassembly for easy troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Safety guards provide operator protection.
  • Removable hopper for quick and easy access to the airlock
  • Dual (2) agitators that enhance the conditioning of fibers.
  • All steel airlock for enhanced spraying and metering capabilities.
  • 1/2 hp. Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled Gear Motor (470 in./lb. torque) for long life.
  • Extra heavy, nickel-plated #40 chain with hardened steel sprockets provides a corrosion/abrasion resistance drive system.
  • Improved blower filter design for less filter maintenance.
  • Cord hanger and hand pendant holder allow for convenient storage of cords and hand pendant.


  • Operator safety/Hazard features: emergency kill switch and manual override at machine.
  • 150 ft. (46m.) remote control cord with three (3) position switch gives increased operator control of feed and blower.
  • 10 amp thermal overload protection for complete protection of the agitator/material feed motor.
  • 1 amp glass fuse protection for transformer providing properly sized fuse protection on the 2 amp transformer
  • Multiple auxiliary convenience outlets for easy addition of accessory devices (i.e. wetting, wireless).