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Krendl 2300

Krendl 2300

Maximize your production with our #2300 all-fiber (airlock)machine, featuring a large 12 inch diameter by 16 inch long slide out airlock system that reduces maintenance down time,  The #2300 now offers a larger hopper capacity for less time reloading the machine.

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 lbs/hr rating with 150 ft. of 3" hose at 16 ft. elevation

Product density and variable blowing conditions will affect production rate.






  • Hopper design reduces bridging (w/loading tray) 40 cubic feet
  • Double blower system with improved direct air flow 12.5/3-stage (120volt)
  • Dual agitators designed for constant flow
  • Slideout airlock system, 16" x 12" diameter, 3" outlet
  • 2 hp direct drive motot/reducer for increased torque/reduced amperage


  • Modular component design for quick disassebly/reassembly for easy troubleshooting and maintenance.
  • Safety guards provide operator protection
  • Dual agitators that enhance the conditioning of fibers.
  • All steel airlock for enhanced spraying and metering capabilities
  • Shredder assembly increases production and material conditioning and provides consistent material flow.
  • 2hp. direct drive Totally Enclosed Fan Cooled motor/reducer (1925 in./lb. torque).
  • Nickle-plated #50 chain with hardened steel sprockets provides a corrosion and abrasion resistance drive system.
  • Check valve protection and filter design w/4' fresh air inlet provide increased blower efficiency and durability w/less filter maintenance and better protection of the blowers.
  • Multiple blower capability and single material output for increased range and back-up blower capability.
  • All lubricated bearings design.


  • Operator safety/Hazard response features: pre-alarm buzzer, main disconnect, emergency kill switch, manual override at machine
  • 150 ft. remote control cord with three position switch gives increased operator control of feed and blower.
  • Overload protection of transformer and all motors providing complete protection of all electrical components.
  • Power Requirements:
    • Single input: 30amp, 240volt, 60hz
    • Double input: 20amp/30amp, 120 volt, 60hz

Optional Accessories

  • Heavy duty wheel kit
  • Internal Wetting System (IWS)
  • Spray nozzles
  • Wireless remote
  • Hose
  • Hose reel
  • Recycle equipment
  • Wall scrubber
  • Rockwool upgrade kit
  • 4 Blowers